Quantitative Neurobiology

Our lab investigates the development of the central nervous system. The long-term goal of our research is to understand the biophysics of learning and memory. Towards that end, we integrate cryo-electron nanoscopy, molecular and cellular biophysics to resolve the molecular mechanisms that underly synaptic plasticity. Specifically, we study macro-molecular complex formation inside developing neuronal synapses. 


1 september 2020

  • Jeroen, student Nanobiology, starts his Master End Project
  • Lukas, student Nanobiology, starts his Bachelor End Project
  • Django, student Biomedical Engineering, joins the lab for his MSc project (joint supervision with Tiago Costa at EWI)

24 August 2020
Welcome back to Christos Gogou, who starts his PhD in our group

19 August 2020
NWO XS grant funded

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16 July 2020
Christos succesfully defended his MEP

10 July 2020
Annelot successfully defended her BEP

15 June 2020
Welcome back Fiona, now student-researcher in our lab

12 June 2020
Fiona succesfully defended her MEP

11 June 2020
TU Delft COVID-19 Response Fund generously funds our Corona superproject

24 April 2020
Marlena successfully defended her BEP

24 April 2020
Dian, student Mechanical Engineering, joins the lab for her MSc project (shared supervision with Angelo Accardo at 3ME)

20 April 2020
Annelot, Dorsa, Enzo and Lukas kick-off their Corona superproject

3 March 2020
Kasper is selected to attend the 70th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting (https://www.lindau-nobel.org/)

13 January 2020
Marlena, student Nanobiology, starts her Bachelor End Project

December 2019
We are awarded a Computing Time on National Computer Facilities Grant by NWO

November 2019
Dominique successfully defended her BEP

14 November 2019
BEI meeting Delft Neuroscience & Engineering (website)

Sept 2019
Fiona and Christos, students Nanobiology, start their Master End Project

23 Augustus 2019
Welcome Kasper Spoelstra, our first PhD student

19 August 2019
Dominique, student Life Science & Technology starts her Bachelor End Project

July-August 2019
Clara Melguizo Ávila joins the lab this summer as Erasmus Exchange Student from Spain

July 2019
Thieme and Larissa successfully defended their BEPs

2 July 2019
TU Delft BioDay

20/21 June 2019
Dutch Neuroscience Meeting, including our 'Neuroscience at the atomic scale' session

11 February 2019
Larissa and Thieme, students Nanobiology, start their Bachelor End Project

17 December 2018
Thieme, B.Sc. student Nanobiology, starts his internship for the Brain and Cognition minor

15 November 2018
Welcome Cátia Frias, our first lab technician

7 November 2018
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