We are a growing team of multidisciplinary scientists. We aim for a high impact, supportive environment where talented people work together to solve quantitative questions in neuroscience.

Dimphna H. Meijer, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Tracey de Ruijter

Administrative support

Cátia P. Frias, Ph.D.

Lab Technician - Synapse Biology

Kasper Spoelstra, M.Sc.

PhD student - Nanobiology

Dian Veldkamp

MSc student Mechanical Engineering

Christos Gogou

MSc student Nanobiology

Fiona Murphy

MSc student Nanobiology

Annelot Broerze

BSc student Applied Physics

Lukas van den Heuvel

BSc student Nanobiology

Enzo Nio

MSc student Nanobiology