Former Biosoft PhD students

Dr. Lucia Baldauf (2022, PhD thesis ' Rebuilding Cytokinesis One Molecule at a Time.' Current affiliation: Guillaume Charras laboratory, London Centre for Nanotechnology, University College London link:

Dr. Lennard van Buren (2022, PhD thesis ' Synthetic Cell Aspirations – A toolbox for building a membrane container from the bottom up.' Current affiliation: Scenic Biotech)

Dr. Celine Alkemade (2021, PhD thesis ' Reconstituting microtubule-actin coordination by cytolinkers', TU Delft: Communications officer, BaSyC.)

Dr. Federica Burla (2020, Cum laude, PhD thesis ‘Tailoring extracellular matrix mechanics’, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam): managing editor at Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications (Elsevier)

Dr. Agata Szuba (2019, PhD thesis ‘Deconstruction of septin assembly’, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam: Postdoctoral researcher in Dr. Virginia Pensabene's Group ,School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering , University of Leeds

Dr. Yuval Mulla (2019, PhD thesis ‘The cell: strong, soft matter’, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Humboldt Fellow, Bollenbach lab, University of Cologne, Germany

Dr. Bart Vos (2018, PhD thesis ‘Fibrin structure and mechanics: a journey across scales’, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Postdoctoral researcher, Mechanics of Cellular Systems Group, Institute of Cell Biology, University of Münster, Germany

Dr. Karin Jansen (2016, PhD thesis ‘Extracellular matrix mechanics and implications for cellular mechanosensing’, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam): Postdoctoral researcher, UMC Utrecht, Department of Pathology, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Dr. Jeanette Nguyen (2015, PhD thesis ‘A twisted breakup story: flow behavior of chiral nematic fluids’, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam): ceramics artist, Paris, France

Dr. Magdelena Preciado Lopez (2015, PhD thesis ‘In vitro studies of actin-microtubule coordination’, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam): Scientist at Calico Labs

Dr. Corianne van den Akker (2014, PhD thesis ‘Amyloids: from molecular structure to mechanical properties’): Bay Area, California, USA

Dr. Feng-Ching Tsai (2014, PhD thesis ‘Cytoskeletal organization in biomimetic liposomes’, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam): CNRS researcher, Equipe Bassereau, Institut Curie, Paris, France

Dr. José Alvarado (2013, PhD thesis ‘Biological polymers: confined, bent, and driven', Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam): Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, University of Texas at Austin, Texas, USA

Dr. Izabela Piechocka (2011, PhD thesis ‘Biopolymers: from structural hierarchy to nonlinear rheology’, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam): research specialist at IPPT PAN (Poland)

Dr. Marina Soares e Silva (2011, PhD thesis ‘Structure and dynamics of active actin myosin networks: an in vitro perspective’, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam): Elsevier, Publisher Materials Science

Martijn de Wild, highschool teacher, Amsterdam area

Former Biosoft postdocs

Dr. Michal Shemesh (2022), Operational Manager Microscopy, Bionanoscience, TU Delft

Dr. Cristina Martinez-Torres (2016-2020), Berlin

Dr. Gitta Buskermolen (2019): Programme officer at NWO (Dutch Research Council)

Dr. Anders Aufderhorst-Roberts (2015-2018): Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Engineered Polyproteins, School of Physics & Astronomy, University of Leeds, UK

Dr. Viktoria Wollrab (2015-2018): Data analyst, Linatus, Cologne, Germany

Dr. Galja Pletikapic (2015-2017): Senior Scientist Pharmaceutics, ProQR Therapeutics, Leiden

Dr. Tatjana Sentjabrskaja (2017): IT, Senacor Technologies, Bonn, Germany

Dr. Nicholas Kurniawan (2012-2015), Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering & Institute for Complex Molecular Systems, Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands

Dr. Adeline Boire (2014-2015): Permanent researcher, INRAE, Research Unit BIA, Nantes, France.

Dr. Brian Gentry (2009-2012): Assistant professor, Hollins University, Roanoke, USA

Dr. Florian Huber (2012-2016): eScience research engineer, Amsterdam

Dr. Björn Stuhrmann (2009-2013): Robert Bosch GmbH, IC & MEMS packaging, Reutlingen, Germany

Dr. Baldomero Alonso Latorre (2012-2013): McKinsey, London, UK

Prof. Dr. Rommel G. Bacabac (2007-2010), Head of the Medical Biophysics Group, Department of Physics, University of San Carlos, Nasipit, Talamban, Cebu City, Philippines

Former Biosoft lab technicians

Marjolein Vinkenoog-Kuit (2009-2018): portretfotograaf en medisch vakfotograaf, Het Oogziekenhuis Rotterdam

Saskia Dobbe-Duineveld (2007-2009): coördinerend stralingsdeskundige, Curium Pharma, Petten