Talks and Seminars


  • The active mechanical behavior of the cytoskeleton studied via cell-free reconstitution, Virtual discussion meeting Thirsting for Theoretical Biology, ICST Bangalore, India, 13 january 2021
  • Rebuilding minimal cells with a functional cytoskeleton, Lorentz Center@virtual workshop ā€˜Reconstituting Biology: a chart to minimal cellsā€™, online seminar, 30 june 2020
  • Physical principles governing extracellular matrix mechanics, Virtual Cartilage Mechanobiology workshop, online seminar, Erasmus University Medical School, 6 july 2020 
  • A biophysical perspective on tissue mechanics, DSM, online seminar, 5 november 2020
  • Reconstituting cytoskeletal crosstalk: Progress and challenges, Biophysical Society Networking Event ā€˜Challenges in understanding multi-component cytoskeletal networks from the molecular to the meso-scaleā€™, online seminar, 17 november 2020
  • The material properties of soft living matter, Online seminar, Physics Colloquium, Leipzig University, 15 december 2020