BTS contributes to a series of regular courses for the Life Science and Technology (LST) BSc and MSc program and the Molecular Science and Technology BSc (MST):

In addition BTS contributes to the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Industrial Biotechnology and advanced courses such as the international Advanced Course on Strategic communication and policy for a Bioeconomy.


Maatschappelijk Verantwoord Ondernemen (3ECTS)

Period: Bachelor 2nd year -  Q4 
Course code: 4052MAVEOY

The course introduces how companies can relate to sustainability and its implementation into their business practice in the context of biobased production. Students are challenged to think of sustainable business ideas and need to evaluate such ideas critically in terms of environmental, financial and social impacts and priorities of doing business. The basic concepts of a business plan and pitch are used in a group assignment for a sustainable business proposition.This course is a blended learning course and contains elements of the TUD Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Industrial Biotechnology. It uses a number of the prerecorded lectures and assignments and is complemented by a few lectures, a group assignment and an exam.

Strategic communication and policy for a Bioeconomy

International course
1 week

The overall course objective is to achieve an understanding of the role and nature of public perceptions, the importance of ethics and values to perceptions and opinions, media relations and policies in innovation (and tech transfer) for a biobased economy and acquiring skills to be actively engaged in (public and stakeholder) communication, regulatory committees and policy making.

The course is part of the BE-Basic education program and regularly organised at an international setting (e.g. UNICAMP, Brazil)  In addition to lecturers from UNICAMP and TU Delft, invited (international) experts from industry, academia and  other organisations will provide insight in their work in dealing with regulation, policy making or communication. Student groups will develop a strategic communication plan for a (small) company in novel technology. The  Plan will be presented to an expert jury. Two intermediate presentations are planned to monitor progress and provide feed-back to students.