My courses focus on biotechnology as a system of interacting entities. Aim is to develop approaches to gain quantitative insights of connections and conversions in cellular networks.

Bachelor program LST

Biotechnologisch Basistechnieken 2

Contribution to Biotechnologisch Basistechnieken 2
Course code: LB2601
Period: Q1
coordinated by Dr K. Djanashvili

Master program LST

Analysis of Metabolic Networks

Course code: LM3433
Period: Q1

Systems Biology for Industrial Microorganisms

together with Dr Greg Bokinsky (Bionanoscience)
Course code: LM3512NB
Period: Q3

Metabolic Engineering assistance class

elective for inflow with less engineering background
Course code: LM3171
Period: Q1

Introduction to Algorithmics and Programming

together with Dr C. Picioreanu
Course code: LM3572
Period: Q1

Advanced courses BiotechDelft

Metabolomics for Microbial Systems Biology

Course leader of the one week course Metabolomics for Microbial Systems Biology together with Dr. W. M. van Gulik and Dr. K. Nöh (FZ Jülich).

AC Genomics for Industrial Fermentation

Lecturer in AC Genomics for Industrial Fermentation (course leader J.M. Daran)

A very pleasant part of the education involvement are master, bachelor and internship projects.