I have strong affinity with teaching disciplines that promote a rigorous, systematic and quantitative approach. I also believe that Life Science and Technology students taking an engineering degree must have a solid education in disciplines offering the basic quantitative tools (mathematics, physics, physical chemistry and transport phenomena), not only in the fundamental chemistry and biology. The student should immediately realize what is the applicability of the knowledge taught in class. Practical experience and first-hand experience with computer modelling/simulation tools is therefore essential. 

MSc courses

Numerical Methods, Modelling and Simulation Techniques

Course code: LM3761

Introduction in computer Programming and Algorithmics

Course code: LM3572

Scale-up/Scale-down in Chemical and Biochemical

Course code: CH3181

Advanced (postgraduate) courses

Advanced Course in Environmental Biotechnology
Advanced Biofilm Course

course organized by UFZ Magdeburg, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, University of Copenhagen and TU Delft (yearly in October)

Occasional courses

Modelling in Environmental Biotechnology for MSc students

at TU Delft within the European student exchange program ATHENS
5 full days, yearly in March

Biofilm modelling course for PhD students

upon request
1 or 2 days