Bioprocess Engineering

The Bioprocess Engineering (BPE) section aims at developing novel concepts for compact, clean and efficient biotechnological manufacturing processes, starting from the fundamental and quantitative knowledge of biomolecular mechanisms, and integrating advanced technological, theoretical and experimental methods.

The research is organised around the following three coherent themes that cover molecular scale, unit operation scale and process scale, respectively:   

  1.      High-throughput measurement and modelling of biomolecular properties
  2.      Equipment development
  3.      Bioprocess Integration

These themes are applied to the production of stem cells, biopharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, bio-based chemicals and polymers, and biofuels.

The section co-ordinates the BE-Basic consortium, and has a principal role in BSc and MSc programmes Life Science & Technology and in the post-master two-year education programme Designer in Bioprocess Engineering.

Principal Investigators

Permanent Staff

Kawieta Ramautar

Management assistant

Stef van Hateren


Yi Song


Christiaan Mooiman


Former Principal Investigators