Renewable Systems Engineering (RENESENG)

Dr. Rashmi Kataria and Aikaterina Mountraki (visiting scientists)

RENESENG is a European research project training future scientists and engineers in biorefinery skills, to support new industry with renewable raw materials and eco-friendly products.

The programme is expected to bear high impact in the design of newly establishing industrial complexes in biorefinering and more generally in eco-industries. RENESENG brings together interdisciplinary academic and industrial teams of high-quality expertise, embracing disciplines in agricultural sciences, chemistry and chemical engineering, biology and biotechnology, computer science, process engineering, logistics and business economics, as well as social sciences with an emphasis on life cycle analysis skills.

The principal scientific challenge of the network is to foster inter-disciplinary research from expert groups with dedicated interests in bio-renewables using a model-assisted systems approach as an integrating aspect, further capitalizing on its potential and role to address complex and large problems.The aim is to develop and validate modelling, synthesis, integration and optimization technology addressing:

  • Lignin-based and cellulosic processes
  • Water-based paths to biomass production
  • Waste treatment paths
  • Hybrids of bio-renewables with other forms of renewables
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