Marieke Klijn Group

Data-Driven Bioprocess Development

The application of process analytical technology for data-driven bioprocess development aims to contribute to the connection between raw materials, bioprocessing, and product quality. This group focuses on establishing data analytical frameworks, which handle data from process analyzers for characterization and work towards (near) real-time assessment as a function of (continuous/intensified) upstream processing. The work performed in this group aims for a high degree of flexibility, so that bioprocessing strategies from different sectors of the biotechnology industry can be implemented. This includes monitoring and control approaches as well as data-driven technology development for enhanced process understanding.


For a comphrehensive summary of my research, have a look at this TU Delft Story Improving biotech production with real-time testing.

Dr. ir. Marieke Klijn

Assistant Professor

Ancillary activities

  • Advisory committee member for starters and incentive grants (Ministry OCW)