Mature and innovative value chains in the bioeconomy

Assessing maturity and studying ways to improve performance - the case of Brazil

The structure and governance of the Brazilian biofuel industry are both already defined and well consolidated, based on soybean as the main raw material for biodiesel production. This project looks at the case of soybean as part of a mature value chain, at the crop macaúba as part of an innovative value chain, as well as at a number of failed cases of value chain development. It takes into account socio-economic and environmental factors, the existing innovation dynamics in Brazil and national and global challenges. 

The main questions addressed in this project are:

  1. Are the structure and governance of the value chains enough to:
    • ensure a regular supply of raw materials?
    • ensure sustainable management of agricultural resources?
    • ensure adequate integration of rural producers into the chain?
    • incorporate knowledge and technologies that are consistent with the values of responsible innovation, and with major national development goals and global challenges? 
  2.  What is the impact of these chains on the local and regional economy and society? 

Gabriela Benatti

Dual Degree PhD student

Lotte Asveld

Associate Professor