Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage

The MECS group (part of the Department of Chemical Engineering) focuses on the development of new materials for sustainable energy applications. Taking a materials science approach, we explore the relation between synthesis, structure and physical properties. Intensively exploring and exploiting the benefits that nanostructuring offers for sustainable energy solutions, we also evaluate possible adverse effects nanoparticulate materials may have on humans and nature.   

Our major research themes are Hydrogen (storage, sensing, etc.) and Solar Fuel (water splitting, CO2 reduction). Our long term aim is to build a photoelectrochemical device to convert water and CO2 into substances of higher energy content such as syngas. We seek to maintain a unique position in developing and employing a wide range of nano-particle and thin film  and preparation techniques such as Sputter Deposition, Atomic Layer Deposition, Spray Pyrolysis and spark ablation. Optical characterization includes Raman, Ellipsometry, in-situ UV/VIS spectroscopy, mobility based nanoparticle characterization and a electrochemistry lab including a solar simulator.