Available MSc/BSc Projects

The projects below are available for TU students:

MSc: Artificial Intelligence & ChemEng
Bsc/MSc: Real-Time Monitoring of Immunological Biomarkers for Cancer Immunotherapy
BSc/MSc: Intracardiac illumination for arrhythmia management
BSc/Msc: Safer design of nanostructured materials
BSc/MSc: Bioengineering of ultrasound-triggerable drug delivery systems
BSc/MSc: Mechanistic studies of ultrasound-triggerable drug delivery systems
BSc/MSc: Protect catalyst with atomic layer deposition (ALD) coating to prolong its lifetime
MSc: Application of atomic layer deposition (ALD) in bimetallic electrocatalyst research
MSc: Carbon dioxide electrolyser design for uniform distribution of heat, mass and charge
MSc: Investigating agglomeration of fine powders in assisted fluidization
MSc: Hematite microswimmers with enhanced photoactivity
BSc/MSc: Automic layer deposition on microfluidics channel
MSc: Wearable Bioelectronics for Neonatal Health Monitoring
MSc: Design and testing of 3D printed stirrers to improve fluidization of cohesive powders
MSc: ALD reactor design (modelling and experimental
MSc Project – Mechanics of heterogeneous spheroids on a microfluidic chip
BSc Project – Proliferation and self-sorting of heterogeneous micro-spheroids
MSc: 3D culture of tumour cells in a microfluidic chip to investigate metastasis mechanisms
MSc: Tuning wettability of polymer powder using low temperature atomic layer deposition
MSc: scaling up the fluidized bed atomic layer deposition (ALD) reactor
MSc Project: Yielding of tumour spheroids subject to shear flow
BSc Project: Investigation of mechanical properties of tumour spheroids and extracellular matrix in bulk rheology
BSc/MSc: 3D bioprinting approach to mimic the tumor microenvironment
MSc: Metastasis of cancer spheroids on the micropatterned surfaces
MSc Project- Emulsion stability in confined shear flows



Erasmus students can contact us for the availability.