Due to environmental concerns water-based paints are developed to replace paints using organic solvents. One of the constraints of the development of these paints is that, while all the components should be stable in in the paint, they should not no longer be stable in water after being applied. The aim of this project is to develop a pigment that can be used in water-based paints. This will be done by using atomic layer deposition  (ALD) to produce a nano-coating on the surface of the pigment, tuning its stability. This is done in a fluidized bed ALD reactor. Since pigment powder is not easy to fluidize research into the fluidization of cohesive powders is also part of the project.

The project is part of national research centre ARC-CBBC and is carried out in collaboration with Nouryon.

Student projects

Students who are interested in powder fluidization, nano-coating or surface chemistry are welcome to contact me about opportunities for a thesis project.

More information can be found at Available MSc/BSc Projects


R. Kamphorst

PhD Candidate