Catalysts are the heart of the chemical industry that facilitates achieving clean and cheap chemical processes. The advancements of nanotechnology and characterization methods enable us to rationalize the design and synthesis of well-defined advanced functional nanomaterials for catalytic applications. The gas-phase synthesis methods including Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) provide powerful synthetic tools for deposition of well-defined nanoparticles on different support materials. The innovative approaches of ALD and CVD methods enable us to develop highly efficient versions of already known catalysts and design new catalytic materials. My research is oriented toward the design and synthesis of catalytically active nanomaterials for environmentally friendly processes and characterizing their microstructure during catalysis using advanced methods. Currently, I am working on the design and development of novel catalytic materials for the electrochemical transformation of carbon dioxide to valuable chemicals, especially ethylene, using ALD and CVD methods. The in-situ and operando study of the microstructure of catalytic materials during catalysis is my main research interest.


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Dr. S. Saedy