Inorganic Systems Engineering | ISE

The ISE group is directed by Professor Evgeny Pidko in the Department of Chemical Engineering at TU Delft.
In our studies we follow an interdisciplinary approach based on an intimate integration of chemical theory, spectroscopy, chemical engineering and advanced synthetic approaches.

Our primary goal is to develop new computational tools to guide the experimental studies towards well-defined durable catalytic ensembles with tailored reactivity and tunable properties.

The key research areas are (applied) computational chemistry, molecular catalysis, catalysis in confinement and functional inorganic materials.

Our research follows a bottom-up strategy, in which theory and modeling create the foundation for the experimental development of new catalysts to tackle problems relevant to alternative energy, renewable chemistry and novel catalyst designs.



March 15, 15:00: Thesis defense Jittima Meeprasert

April 26, 15:00: Inaugural speech Evgeny Pidko

May 22, 12:30: Thesis defense Ali Hashemi