Organic Materials & Interfaces (OMI) is a truly interdisciplinary group sharing common interests in tuning properties of the interfaces via smart chemical modification.

Currently, the next projects are running.

Understanding surfactant adsorption at sandstone and calcite surfaces. Surfactant adsorption is an important and undesired process in enhanced oil recovery processes. By a combination of Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) measurements and High Temperature High Pressure Atomic Force Microscopy  we are investigating these complex systems. The project is sponsored by Shell.

High Pressure High Temperature Atomic Force Microscopy (HPHT-AFM)

Quartz Crystal Micro (QCM)-balance measurements

Sodium-selective membranes for application to regenerate green house water. New sodium-selective membranes are designed, synthesized and characterized for use in electrodialysis of green house water. Crown-ether functionalised polymers are made and investigated for this purpose. The project is in close cooperation with Wetsus, European centre of excellence for sustainable water, and Wageningen University

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