Fuweng Zhang

Fluidization and Coating of Pharmaceutical Powder

Usually, nanoparticles belong to group C particles according to Geldart's classification, which were extremely fine powders and therefore the most cohesive particles. Fluidization of most Group C particles was difficult to achieve, which may require the introduction of external forces (e.g. mechanical agitation). Accordingly, the nanomaterials with tunable structures and extraordinary properties are strongly considered by both scientific communities and industrial engineers, and the related nanomaterial processing becomes an emerging research area.

The main objective of this project is developing novel technologies to improve fluidization of the ultrafine (pharmaceutical) powder in fluidized bed reactors, so as to obtain a better coating of powder particles using atomic and molecular layer deposition (ALD). This work also includes unraveling the differences in cohesiveness across different powders and developing novel approaches for proper fluidization/processing.

Dr. F. Zhang