Josette Moret

ALD for radionuclide production

177Lu is used as a radio therapeutic in Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy (PRRT). Currently, the 177Lu is produced either via irradiation of 176Lu or 176Yb with neutrons. Because of the 6.7 days half life of 177Lu treatment facilities must be weekly supplied with radioactive lutetium in order to maintain normal operation. A generator based on the long lived 177mLu could decrease the dependency on nuclear reactors and increase the shipping distance from the currently available distribution locations.

Aim: Develop a generator which gives ultra-high specific activity 177Lu by finding physical proof for bond rupture to happen with 177mLu/177Lu, study multiple carries, including chelators, determine elution efficiencies of 177Lu etc.

Ir. J.L.T.M. Moret

PhD candidate