Xiaolin Wu

My name is Xiaolin Wu and I come from Hunan, China. I studied at Dalian University of Technology for seven years and obtained a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Chemical Machinery and Safety. Currently, I am pursuing a PhD degree in the field of biofluid dynamics at TU Delft.

Research Topic: 

Study on the Flow fields inside a Model of Patient-specific Left Ventricle of Human Heart

The left ventricle (LV), a main chamber of the heart, has been extensively studied for its abnormal blood flow affects the effectiveness of the heart as a pump and may cause heart diseases. It is believed that hemodynamics analysis is critical in early diagnosis of these diseases and could promote better understanding on cardiac pathophysiology.

The flow field of LV is intrinsically connected to the morphology and dynamics of valves, heart chamber geometry, and wall motion. While, it must be noted that up to now, the vast majority of previous studies excluded or employed highly simplistic mitral valves, used generic heart geometries, which impaired the reliability of the results to a certain extent. Considering these limitations, this research aims at conducting a truthful, comprehensive blood flow analysis in patient-specific LV models with realistic valves by using noninvasive technique - Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV). In addition, to systematically assess blood flow in the LV, comparison of the CFD, (S)PIV, MRI and US (ultrasound) measurements will be performed. The MRI measurements will be performed in the Leiden University Medical Center and US measurements will be performed in Rotterdam Erasmus Medical Research Center - both with identical experimental setup which was developed and used at TU Delft.

MSc. Xiaolin Wu

PhD Candidate