Student Projects (MSc and BSc)

Biomedical Applications

BEP and MEP possible, both numerical (computer simulations) and experimental studies.

Possible Topics:

(i) blood flow and species (LDL, oxygen, medical drug) in healthy and diseased patient-specific vascular system; 

(ii) airflow in lungs (oxygen and aerosol distributions in the patient-specific geometries); 

(iii) computer optimization of the localized cancer treatment (MDT-magnetic drug targeting); 

(iv) mathematical modelling and computer simulations of atherosclerosis; 

(v) modeling and simulations of drug eluting stents; 

(vi) computer modeling of the tumor growth; 

(vii) cryogenic treatment of solid tumors; 

(viii) heart failure - simulations of the blood flow in heart chambers;

(ix) one-dimensional modeling of entire blood circulation in human body;

(x) one-dimensional modeling of airflow and particle depositions within a lung fractal structure; 

(xi) towards virtual surgery: computer optimization of operative treatments; 

(xii) the particle-imaging velocimetry (PIV) measurements of flow patterns in patient-specific aorta, carotid artery or brain vascular system;  

Environmental Flows

The projects are numerical (mathematical modeling and computer simulations) - both BEP and MEP. 

Possible topics:

(i) effects of vegetation in urban areas on flow, turbulence and dispersion of pollutants;

(ii) atmospheric chemistry modeling of ozone depletion or generation within the cities;

(iii) simulations of the urban heat island phenomena; 

(iv) modeling of crowd behavior (normal and subjected to accidental release of toxic gas);

(v) modeling of traffic induced turbulence on local distribution of pollution; 

(vi) hybrid Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) and Large-Eddy Simulation (LES) approach for environmental flows;

(vii) modelling of forest fire propagation - effects of terrain and wind direction;

Fundamental Heat and Mass Transfer Phenomena: Conductive (MHD) and Magnetized Fluids

The high-performance computing (HPC) and turbulence modelling (both BEP and MEP possible). 

Possible topics:

(i) Direct Numerical Simulations (DNS) of Magnetic Convection; 

(ii) Large Eddy Simulations (LES) of Thermomagnetic Convection;

(iii) hybrid RANS/LES of Natural and Magnetic Convection;

(iv) DNS and LES of double-diffusive convection (mixing in upper ocean layer);

(v) Simulations of Magnetic Dynamo (two-way coupled MHD phenomena); 

(vi) Multi-Phase Simulations of Conductive Fluids with Particles; 

(vii) Multi-Phase MHD flows with free-surface (optimization of flow oscillations with magnetic field);