Prof.dr. Stephen J. Picken is an expert on polymer materials, in particular in the field of liquid crystal polymers and (bio)polymer nanocomposite based systems. His work is aimed at using modelling and structural characterisation methods to elucidate the structure-property relations in such materials, including the dynamics during formation and in the final material.

In the field of Liquid Crystals his works is mainly devoted to physical characterisation via optical techniques, structure using X-ray diffraction and relating the phase and structure to the performance of these materials as fibres and optical films.

The work on polymer materials focuses on elucidating the structure property relations of polymer nanocomposites, for mechanical performance (in particular modulus) and for barrier/transport properties (permeability, thermal conduction, ion mobility). Recently the focus has shifted to biopolymer based materials, where also ionic interactions start to play a significant role in determining the material properties.

Slimy Green Stuff B.V.
Part of his research is related to applications of (bio)polymer nanocomposites and their applications, which is coordinated via the start-up company Slimy Green Stuff BV (

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