Research and projects

Research topics

We will use DNA as a nanotemplate to produce biochips for drug/gene delivery, bio-sensing and medical diagnostic applications and as a model to probe the dynamics of complex fluids. Our research objective is comprised of two main thrusts. The first one is devoted to use nanofluidics-based devices for providing quantitative insights into the fundamental mechanism of drug delivery, disease treatment, gene therapy and response of individual cells to therapeutic/biomolecular reagents. The second one is to understand the molecular dynamics of complex fluids using DNA as a model and advanced visualization techniques. Our interdisciplinary team will focus on new and exciting research in the following areas:

  • Nonviral gene therapy
  • DNA biophysics
  • Nanofluidics for Drug/Gene Delivery
  • Nano-chip devices for detection of biomolecules
  • Molecular rheology and rheo-physics

Given the multidisciplinary nature of our proposed research, I will actively seek collaborations with experimental/theoretical scientists in biology, chemistry, biophysics, and chemical engineering. Potential collaborators are encouraged to directly contact me at



Student projects

  • DNA transport through a nanochannel
  • Single-Molecule Imaging of DNA during flow/shear
  • Nano-electroporation for gene delivery

Highly motivated students interested in conducting exciting and rewarding projects are encouraged to contact me at