Molecular Thermodynamics
CH3141           ECTS: 6
MSc Program on Chemical Engineering
1st Term

Statistical Thermodynamics in relation to molecules and materials of interest for chemical engineering. 
Polymer Science
CH4011MS          ECTS: 4
MSc Program on Materials Science & Engineering 
4th Term

An introduction to polymer science including, chain modeling, general polymer principles, dynamics, reptation, rheology, glass transition, radiation scattering and self-assembly.Soft Matter for Chemical ProductsCH3372a (SMP)            ECTS: 3MSc Program on Molecular Science and Technology2nd TermSoft materials materials are present in a large part of traditional everyday chemical and food products as well as in high-tech applications. This course provides a comprehensive overview of "soft materials”, their applications in various fields ranging from nano-medicine to energy, their synthetic strategies and explores the relationship between their structure, dynamics and physical properties.
Structuur en Eigenschappen van Materialen
4052STEVMY (SEM)            ECTS: 6 
BSc Program on Molecular Science & Technology 
2nd year, 4th Term

This course considers the relation between soft material composition and structure and how they can be used or modified to take part in the development of a chemical product. In this course students learn the foundations underlying the behavior of soft matter and fundamental knowledge is then related to advanced products from sensing, coatings, to bio-medical and health care materials as well as materials for energy such as fuel cell membranes.