Ger Koper's group



We specialize in the application of statistical and irreversible thermodynamics to meso­scopic phenomena such as (nano)particle deposition (2000), ligand binding to macro­molecular systems (2003), drying of colloidal films (2007), stick-slip transition in nanopores (2007), heterogeneous catalysis in nano-colloidal systems (2006), and self assembly (2009).

Presently we are involved in the development and analysis of nanomaterials for fuel cell applications.





January 2018: Welcome to BSc student Thijs Klein.

November 2017: Welcome to LO2-students Manouk Kreft, Charlotte van Oosten, Jurian Groen and Marten Verbree.

October 2017: Angie's paper on Transport in Proton Exchange Membranes for Fuel Cell Applications—A Systematic Non-Equilibrium Approach, is published in Materials.

August 2017: Welcome to MSc student Dhruva Marathe.