Ger Koper's group



We specialize in the application of statistical and irreversible thermodynamics to meso­scopic phenomena such as (nano)particle deposition (2000), ligand binding to macro­molecular systems (2003), drying of colloidal films (2007), stick-slip transition in nanopores (2007), heterogeneous catalysis in nano-colloidal systems (2006), and self assembly (2009).

Presently we are involved in the development and analysis of nanomaterials for fuel cell applications.





April 2018 Congratulations to MSc student Dhruva Marathe for successfully completing his project (MEP).

January 2018: Welcome to BSc student Thijs Klein.

November 2017: Welcome to LO2-students Manouk Kreft, Charlotte van Oosten, Jurian Groen and Marten Verbree.

October 2017: Angie's paper on Transport in Proton Exchange Membranes for Fuel Cell Applications—A Systematic Non-Equilibrium Approach, is published in Materials.

August 2017: Welcome to MSc student Dhruva Marathe.