Michiel Makkee

Dr.ir. Michiel Makkee graduated in Chemical Engineering with a specialisation in Organic Chemistry (1980) and received his PhD in Organic Chemistry, Biotechnology and Catalysis (1984) both at the TU Delft in the Faculty of Chemical Engineering.

He is the inventor of the process intensification by the combination of enzymatic conversion and heterogeneous hydrogenation in a one pot approach.

He joined Exxon Chemicals (1984) and was active in zeolite catalysis, reforming, alkylation, selective hydrogenation, crystallisation, zeolitic membranes for separation, process evaluation, and safety. 

In 1990 he was nominated as associate professor in the group of Industrial Catalysis (headed by Prof.Dr. Jacob A. Moulijn). 

Michiel Makkee

Associate professor in catalysis engineering