Michiel Kreutzer

Professor Michiel Kreutzer was head of the department Chemical Engineering since March 1st 2014 until January 1st 2020. He is currently the dean of Science at Leiden University

Michiel Kreutzer (1971) studied chemical engineering (1998) in Groningen and earned a doctorate degree in Applied Sciences (2003) with a thesis on Hydrodynamics of Taylor Flow in Capillaries and Monolith Reactors. After a postdoctoral stay in professor Klavs Jensen's group at MIT, he became a member of the faculty of the department at Delft, with tenure since 2006. He was promoted to full professor in 2008, and he headed the section "product and process engineering" from 2008 to 2016. Professor Kreutzer was awarded the Moulton medal of the Institute of Chemical Engineering (2006) and the Jongerenprijs of the Hoogewerff foundation (2009). 

Currently, professor Kreutzer serves on the working group Fundamentals & Methods of Chemistry of NWO Chemistry, on the supervisory board of the Institute for Sustainable Process Technology, and on the Sector Council of Holland Chemistry (topsector chemie). At Delft, he serves on the Board of Professors. He is acting Director of Education for Applied Sciences from January 2018 until November 2019. 

Research interests revolve around fluid mechanics, transport phenomena, reaction engineering, heterogeneous catalysis, photocatalysis, microfluidics, spanning topics from fundamental physics to applied chemical engineering. His main area of expertise is multiphase flow in capillary networks, of long-standing relevance to subsurface flow. In lab-on-a-chip applications (where every droplet acts as miniature test tube), many new questions arise: mixing of contents of drops, directing and steering droplets, splitting, etc. Other areas include nanostructured material synthesis and multiphase (photo-)chemical reactors.

Professor Kreutzer's teaching experience spans the entire range of academic teaching, from introductory freshman classes to graduate courses, from regular course-work to off-site advanced postdoctoral training. He currently teaches the core course Applied Transport Phenomena in the Chemical Engineering M.Sc. programme. 

His publication record features close to 100 papers in international peer-reviewed journals. Most are in chemical engineering journals, several are in multidisciplinary journals such as Physical Review Letters and Lab on a Chip. He has served on the editorial board of Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research (Am. Chem. Soc.) and as guest editor for Catalysis Today (Elsevier). A full list of publications is readily found at Google Scholar or at orcid.org/0000-0002-1420-590X. Some numerical details: H-index 35, citations > 4500.