Benjamin Klemm


Benjamin (1989) was born and raised in Chemnitz, Germany. After completing his BSc. in Water Management at the HZ University of Applied Science (cum laude), he continued with his joint degree MSc. in Water Technology at the Universities of WUR/RUG/UTwente. In parallel he pursuit an MSc. (Honours) in Chemical Engineering (Chemical Product Engineering) at the TU Delft. He conducted his master thesis in the polymer chemistry group of Prof. Dr. Francesco Picchioni at the Groningen University, which was about enhanced oil recovery using chemical additives. In addition, in his master thesis at TU Delft he focused on developing a cell-based drug delivery system under the supervision of Dr. Eduardo Mendes. Currently, he is doing a PhD under the supervision of Dr. Rienk Eelkema. His research topic is about Signal Transduction in Organic Materials (STORM), in which he lays strong focus on biocompatible systems for potential medical applications. 

Career & Education

2017 – present PhD candidate – Advanced Soft Matter (ASM) group, TU Delft
'Signal transduction in organic materials' (STORM)
2014 – 2017 MSc. Chemical Engineering (Honors degree) - TU Delft
Cell based drug delivery using photo-polymerized μ-gel backpacks for cellular hitchhiking.
2013 – 2016 MSc. Water Technology (Bio/Chem.) - Wageningen University (WUR)/Groningen University (RUG) and University of Twente (UTwente)
Star-Like Branched Polyacrylamides by RAFT polymerization: Synthesis, Characterisation and performance evaluation in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR).
2011 – 2012 Non-degree exchange – Faculty of Planning, University of Waterloo, Canada
2009 – 2013 BSc. Water Management ‘cum laude’ - HZ University of Applied Sciences

Research Interests

Supramolecular chemistry, Soft matter systems, Colloid chemistry, Organic chemistry    


Star-Like Branched Polyacrylamides by RAFT polymerization, Part II: Performance Evaluation in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), Benjamin Klemm, Francesco Picchioni, Patrizio Raffa, and Frank van Mastrigt, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 2018 57 (27), 8835-8844, DOI: 10.1021/acs.iecr.7b03368


Poster Prize, CHAINS, 2018, Veldhoven, The Netherlands

Benjamin Klemm, MSc

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