Tobias Brevé


Tobias (1990) was born in Delft, The Netherlands. After finishing his BSc in Molecular Science & Technology at both Technical University Delft and Leiden University, he continued with his MSc Chemistry in Leiden (minor in Modern Drug Discovery). He conducted his master thesis in the MCBIM (Metals in Catalysis, Biomimetics & Inorganic Materials) research group in Leiden which was about the Synthesis and Study of L-glucose Derivatives of Ruthenium Polypyridyl Complexes. He also conducted an internship at AkzoNobel in which he did research on improving the hardness of waterborne coatings. Currently he is doing a PhD under the supervision of professor Rienk Eelkema. His research topic is about Signal Transduction in Organic Materials (STORM) and in particular about switchable inorganic catalysts and mechano-responsive materials. 


2017 - present: PhD candidate – Delft University of Technology  – Signal Transduction in Organic Materials.
2016: research internship AkzoNobel Sassenheim – Investigation into the partitioning of coalescents in waterborne coatings. 
2014 - 2016: M.Sc. Chemistry – Leiden University. Master thesis – Synthesis and study of L-glucose derivatives of ruthenium polypyridyl complexes.
2011 – 2014: B.Sc. Molecular Science & Technology – Delft University of Technology and Leiden University. Bachelor thesis - Synthesis of Cu(I) complexes with bulky-trispyrazolylborates

Research Interests

Supramolecular chemistry, Out-of-equilibrium systems, Soft matter, Colloid chemistry, Organic chemistry    


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2.          Lameijer Lucien, N.; Hopkins Samantha, L.; Brevé Tobias, G.; Askes Sven, H. C.; Bonnet, S., d‐ Versus l‐Glucose Conjugation: Mitochondrial Targeting of a Light‐Activated Dual‐Mode‐of‐Action Ruthenium‐Based Anticancer Prodrug. Chemistry – A European Journal 2016, 22 (51), 18484-18491.
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