Vacancies at the Department of Chemical Engineering

Working at TU Delft

Challenge. The climate, energy transition, the growth of cities, digital society, health. At the TU Delft you take on these global challenges.
Change. When you work at TU Delft, you are ambitiously working on positive change through world-class research, education and innovation.
Impact! Whether it concerns quantum computing, sustainable aviation, clean water or robots. Along with colleagues and students, you devise and develop solutions using technology to have a positive impact on a global scale.

Challenge. Change. Impact!

Find information about EngD Traineeships and PhD Positions

EngD Traineeship

  • Duration of 2 years
  • Engaged with the professional field
  • Focuses on (technological) designs

PhD Position

  • Duration of 4 years
  • Engaged with the university,
  • Focuses on research