BSc & MSc AP

The Applied Physics Bachelor’s programme is a 3 year programme given in Dutch:

An engineering programme with a lot of mathematics and physics: from fundamental (mechanics, electromagnetism, waves and quantum mechanics) to applied (fluid flow, electronics, systems & signals). You learn how to discover and understand physical phenomena.

The education programme is a mix of courses, practices, projects in small groups and selfstudy. In the 1st year your general knowledge in the physical science and technology will be increased. The 2nd and 3rd year there will be gradually less courses in mathematics and more in the engineering physics courses.

In addition to the regular programme elective courses are offered (minors). At the end of the bachelor programma you can chose for an final project within one of the Departments of the Faculty of Applied Physics: Imaging Physics, Radiation Science & Technology, Quantum Nanoscience.

The Applied Physics Master's programme is a 2 year programme given in English:

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Design Engineering for Physicists

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