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18 december 2019

We almost lost him to history

Take an old webcam, remove the infrared filter, and just like that you have your own ghostbusters- inspired ‘detector’. It sounds easy, but we all know there is science behind this simple night vision trick. Thim Zuidwijk (ImPhys) is bridging the gap between practice and theory in the field of optics.

17 december 2019

NWO HTSM grant for Jeroen Kalkman

In the High Tech Systems and Materials program 2019 the project NanoRheoOCT has been granted to Dr. Jeroen Kalkman. This project is a collaboration between University Utrecht and a commercial partner. The researchers in this proposal develop a novel type of optical sensor based on optical coherence tomography to quantify the motion and flow of very small particles (macromolecules and nanoparticles).

17 december 2019

Anish Mukherjee joined ImPhys as a MSc student

We would like to welcome our new MSc student Anish Mukherjee. He will work on the project: ‘Analysing Single-Molecule Emission Patterns using Deep Learning’. Sjoerd Stallinga, Bernd Rieger and Rasmus Thorsen will be his supervisors.

17 december 2019

The sound is there, but why can't we hear it?

Nico de Jong (ImPhys) tells on the Dutch radiostation NPO Radio 1 about ultrasound and its broad variety of applications.

16 december 2019

Why do we want FAIR microscopy data now?

Why would you want to share your microscopy data? If microscopy data were more findable and accessible it could facilitate ground-breaking discoveries! Bernd Rieger (ImPhys) and Katy Wolstencroft (Leiden University) talked about this on the 10th of December and present their plans for creating a national infrastructure for advanced light microscopy in the life sciences.

13 december 2019

New super-resolution microscopy technique of TU Delft researchers on BNR Radio

A new super-resolution microscopy technique has been published with Nature Methods this week The work is a TNW/3mE collaboration between Jelmer Cnossen, Taylor Hinsdale, Rasmus Thorsen, Carlas Smith, Bernd Rieger, and Sjoerd Stallinga, with external partners in Utrecht and Munchen. The paper is called “'Localization microscopy at doubled precision with patterned illumination” and is about the use of fine periodic illumination patterns for a better resolution in single-molecule based super-resolution.

11 december 2019

Paper Optics group highlighted as Editor's Pick in Applied Optics Magazine

The paper "Multimode Fiber Coupled Superconducting Nanowire Single Photon Detectors with High Detection Efficiency and Time Resolution" of the ImPhys Optics group has been chosen as Editor's Pick of the Applied Optics magazine.

10 december 2019

Combinatie microscopietechnieken geeft twee keer scherper beeld

Onderzoekers van de TU Delft hebben twee bestaande technieken binnen de superresolutie-microscopie gecombineerd tot een nieuwe methode. Veel experts zagen het combineren van de technieken als iets dat technisch onmogelijk was. Met de nieuwe, gecombineerde methode kunnen onderzoekers de minuscule onderdelen van levende cellen beter dan ooit in beeld brengen. Dat kan onder meer leiden tot nieuwe inzichten in de gezondheidszorg.

09 december 2019

Joseph Braat receives the Holst award medal from TU/e Rector Frank Baaijens

Joseph Braat, professor emeritus ImPhys receives the Holst award medal from TU/e Rector Frank Baaijens. The Holst Memorial Lecture Award Committee nominates Joseph Braat for his important contributions in the field of Imaging Optics. Joseph Braat provided essential contributions that enabled, but reach far beyond optical recording (e.g. CD, DVD).

05 december 2019

Wenxiu Wang joined ImPhys as a PhD student

Wenxiu Wang will be working in the group of Bernd Rieger on computational microscopy for her PhD study. She got her Master's degree in Photonics in Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena in Germany.

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