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10 juli 2020

Needle-free Biopsy of the Esophagus: Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging as Alternative to Endoscopic Diagnosis

In this project Sebastian Weingärtner, Hildo J. Lamb and Frans Vos develop new tools to diagnose a form of coronary artery disease that is not caused by obstruction in the major vessels. This form accounts for the majority of coronary artery disease cases in women but is rarely seen in man. Thus, conventional clinical methods often miss the diffuse pathological changes seen in this syndrome.

07 juli 2020

Paul Urbach and Zheng Xi published paper on resolution with far field optics in Photonics Magazine

It is common knowledge in optics that, when only tar fields are measured, there is a fundamental limit to the resolution given by the wavelength of the light. Yet research continues to beat this fundamental limit.

07 juli 2020

Pieter Kruit et al published paper on "Reducing the Magnetic Fields around DC Light Rail Systems"

DC electrified light rail or tram systems cause low frequency magnetic fields that may disturb scientific and medical instruments in their environment. A concept was developed that significantly reduces these magnetic fields.

07 juli 2020

Yan Guo successfully defended her PhD thesis

On June 24, 2020 Yan Guo successfully defended her PhD thesis on "Image quality assessment and image fusion for electron tomography".

03 juli 2020

Leon van der Graaff and Sjoerd Stallinga have published a paper on Computational imaging modalities for multi-focal whole-slide imaging systems in Applied Optics

This research was carried out in cooperation with pathologists from Erasmus MC and Leiden University MC, and reports on new ways to image tissues in 3D, using a slide scanner that can scan multiple focal layers in a single scan. The images were acquired on a research prototype of such a scanner of Philips Digital & Computational Pathology.

03 juli 2020

Freek Pols published paper: "A Physics Lab Course in Times of COVID-19"

Freek Pols published a paper in the Electronic Journal for Research in Science & Mathematics Education. In this practitioner contribution, he elaborates on how the first-year lab course was adapted to the COVID-19 measures.

29 juni 2020

Daan Boltje joins Hoogenboom group as industrial PhD

Daan Boltje joins Hoogenboom group as industrial PhD. Daan is an experimental physicist working at Delmic, who will join ImPhys for about 3 years to work on a so-called industrial PhD position.

26 juni 2020

Paper Maurice Krielaart higlighted as editor's pick in Journal of Applied Physics

The paper of Maurice Krielaart on "Miniature electron beam separator based on three stacked dipoles" has been highlighted as editor's pick in the Journal of Applied Physics.

25 juni 2020

Eerste detector-array gereed voor GUSTO ballonmissie

De eerste detector-array voor NASA's GUSTO-missie heeft zijn pre-shipment review doorstaan en wordt nu naar de Universiteit van Arizona verzonden voor integratie in de ballontelescoop. SRON ontwikkelt samen met TU Delft de drie 8-pixel-arrays, voor de frequenties 4.7, 1.9 en 1.4 terahertz. Ze hebben nu de array voltooid voor het 4.7 terahertzkanaal—het lastigste onderdeel. GUSTO is een ballonmissie die de emissies gaat meten van materiaal tussen de sterren; het interstellaire medium.

22 juni 2020

Paper Martijn Nagtegaal on "Myelin water imaging from multi-echo MR relaxometry data using a joint sparsity constraint" is published in NeuroImage

Myelination is a crucial aspect of brain development and is essential for the functioning of the nervous system. Demyelination, on the other hand, is a pathological process that plays an important role in certain diseases such as multiple sclerosis. Accurate measurement of myelin content has the potential to increase our insights into several disease processes. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) enables imaging of features related to (de-)myelination in vivo. Martijn Nagtegaal uses dictionary matching and a joint sparsity multicomponent T2 fit to obtain MWF maps.

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