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27 maart 2019

Comenius Teaching Fellow granted to team Freek Pols

The Comenius Teaching Fellow has been granted to the project of Forrest Bradbury, University College Amsterdam, in which TU Delft is also involved. They will be developing a lab course in which students use sensors in mobile phones and arduinos.

26 maart 2019

Silvania Pereira guest teacher at KinderAcademie Delft

The KinderAcademie is the weekend school in Delft, where children from groups 7 and 8 of the primary school learn about all kinds of different professions. The majority of the children is coming from emigration families or are growing up in a poverty situation. The Kinderacademy aims to inspire the children and help them to broaden their horizons in order to make new choices for their future.

26 maart 2019

Publication Stallinga, Rieger et al in 7-year highlights edition of the journal "Methods and Applications in Fluorescence"

For their seven year anniversary the journal "Methods and Applications in Fluorescence" issued a special edition "Highlights" with some of the excellent fluorescence research from the journal. One of the selected articles is the publication of ImPhys researchers Sjoerd Stallinga and Bernd Rieger et al on on super-resolution microscopy.

22 maart 2019

Tian Zhang successfully defended his PhD thesis

On March 20th, 2019 Tian Zhang successfuly defended his PhD thesis on "Image analysis methods for dynamic hepatocyte-specific contrast enhanced MRI".

06 maart 2019

Freek Pols joined ImPhys as teacher/innovator

Freek Pols started as teacher/innovator of first year physics practical work on 1 March 2019. He will be responsible for all practical work in first year physics and has been given the task to innovate the current curriculum.

04 maart 2019

Martijn Nagtegaal joined our group as PhD student

Martijn Nagtegaal started as a PhD student with the Department of Imaging Physics on 1 March 2019. He will work under supervision of Frans Vos on a project funded by Medical Delta.

26 februari 2019

Vici grant for Prof. Bernd Rieger

Prof. Bernd Rieger will receive 1.5 million euros from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). This Vici grant will enable him to develop an innovative line of research in the coming five years. Vici is one of the largest scientific grants for individuals in the Netherlands.

25 februari 2019

ZonMw grant for Elizabeth Carroll and Nicolò Ceffa

Nicolò Ceffa (postdoc) and Elizabeth Carroll have been awarded a grant from ZonMw to develop light sheet nanoscopy to detect and track the bioaccumulation of plastic nanoparticles in zebrafish.

25 februari 2019

ImPhys co-organizes 2nd Face2Phase conference in Delft

The Face2Phase event is co-organized with the AOIM XII and will take place in Delft on 23-25 October 2019. It addresses imaging with phase information and covers topics such as lensless imaging, aberration retrieval, adaptive and active optics, ptychography, holography, tomography, phase retrieval and applications.

06 februari 2019

Ted Young en Ronald Ligteringen brengen interactief e-boek uit

Emeritus hoogleraar Ted Young en Ing. Ronald Ligteringen van de afdeling Imaging Physics hebben een interactief e-boek over stochastische signaalverwerking uitgebracht.