The Department of Imaging Physics (ImPhys) has a research and support staff of about 120 people. The research staff consists of tenured and tenure-track assistant professors, associate professors and full professors (Principle Investigators PI’s), postdocs and PhD students. The support staff consists of research technicians and management support all with their own discipline.

  • Ceffa, NG
  • Daeichin, V
  • Esmaeil Zadeh, I
  • Ganapathy, S
  • Heiles, BG
  • Heydarian, H
  • Krielaart, MAR
  • Piatchenkov, S
  • Qu, S
  • Shao, Y
  • Sharma, S
  • Šiaudinyte, L
  • Silva Canaveira Tourais, JL
  • Xi, Z
PhD Students
  • Ansuinelli, P
  • Chen, P
  • Cheivili, K.
  • Coletti, C
  • Garming, MWH
  • Guo, X
  • Heemels, ANM
  • Hoogerbrugge, LA
  • Hulleman, CN
  • Kessel, LCPM van
  • Kolenov, D
  • Kotte, TPS
  • Lane, RI
  • Locarno, M
  • Maddalena, L
  • Mahgoub, MIMA
  • Massaad Mouawad, JM
  • Matalliotakis, A
  • Meng, X
  • Mozaffarzadeh, M
  • Nagtegaal, MA
  • Sabbadini, A
  • Selvam, S
  • Simoes dos Santos, D
  • Speets, PNA
  • Srinivasa Raja, A
  • Taskin, U
  • Terwiel, D
  • Thorsen, RØ
  • Tseng, C
  • Vos, Y
  • Weerdenburg, S
  • Wei, X
  • Zhang, D
Research Technicians
Management Support Staff
Y. van Aalst (Yvonne) Management Assistant
A. van Beek (Annelies) Management Assistant
K. van den Bos-Breel (Karin)  Project Officer
A.P.M. van der Sande (Angela) Management Assistant
N.S. Meerstadt (Nicolette) Department Executive Officer
J.T. van Vliet (Anjella) Management Assistant

Meet the ImPhys Support