High tech Industry

Apart from inspiration from external developments in science and technology (“science push”), we also find inspiration in high-tech industry (“application pull”). By advancing imaging methods and technologies as used in industry we also create a lasting impact on society. Compared to developments in industry, we work on more fundamental, more general and longer-term innovations. These innovations include new optical sensors and imaging concepts such as super-resolution methods, coherent scatterometry and inverse scattering reconstruction for in-line optical metrology.

Furthermore, we have a worldwide reputation in novel electron- and ion-sources, multi-beam electron imaging, and non-destructive microscopy. Innovations can also be at the level of components with improved or new features (free-form lenses, deformable mirrors, active nano-structures), using new materials (e.g. meta-materials or graded-index materials in optics or semiconductor materials in electron optics) or new production processes such as MEMS. Our contribution to the field is by new theory, computational methods, reconstruction algorithms, physics insights in interaction of radiation with matter or image processing methods.

Artist’s impression of the Galctic/Extragalactic ULDB Spectroscopic Terahertz Observatory (GUSTO) mission high above Earth to measure emissions from the interstellar medium. Image credit: NASA/Johns Hopkins APL


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