Life Sciences

In the Life Sciences Imaging theme, we target cutting edge instrumentation and methods for visualising cells and tissues across a range of length scales. Our emphasis is on nm-scale imaging, where we are leading in multimodal imaging techniques such as integrated correlative light and electron microscopy and in computational microscopy methods.

We have developed a unique instrument for simultaneously acquiring high-resolution structural “electron” images and functional fluorescence images with an overlay better than 5 nm for tissue and cell imaging.

In computational microscopy, the experimental design is integrated with image processing for realizing breakthroughs in seeing life at the smallest scales. This includes localisation microscopy with particle averaging and structured illumination microscopy. We are also developing a novel platform for in vivo imaging of zebra fish using optical coherence computerised tomography (OCCT), digital holography and optical tomography.  


Hylkje Geertsema

Paul van Neer

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