Equipment Reservation System (LDB by Phoenix Software)

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For you as a user two views are most relevant: under cleanroom you will find the equipment list and reservations.


Here you will find all the equipment for which you have authorized access.

Booking can be done by clicking the equipment, and choosing the required date and time. Colours indicate different stages of reservation. In case of a system down situation the equipment can be blocked for reservation for an estimated down period (done by the equipment owner).

Similar as now, some machines can be booked for specific time slots only, and also can have quota for maximum use per unit of time (like the EBPG or Dual Beam).

Reservations need to be confirmed between 48 hrs and 2 hrs (EBL 8 hrs) before the time slot starts. You will receive an email 24 hrs in advance. Unconfirmed time slots will be available for other users when the reconfirmation period has ended.

By the way: not showing up after 5 minutes of the confirmed time means that the machine is free for others.

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