Radiation Science & Technology

The department of Radiation Science & Technology has unique expertise in using ionizing radiation such as positrons and neutrons for research and education. We have direct access to our 2.3 MW nuclear research reactor equipped with advanced beam-line instruments, irradiation facilities and radiological laboratories and to the Holland Particle Therapy Center, including the proton beam research bunker. Our research focuses on materials science with emphasis on energy conversion and storage, health technology for imaging and diagnostics, radionuclide therapy and proton therapy. Innovative and sustainable nuclear energy is part of our portfolio as well. The department provides education to students in the fields of physics, chemistry and biomedical sciences. It counts about 20 PI’s, 20 support staff and 70 PhD students and postdocs.

Areas of expertise

ProSafe-SLS offers ultimate reactor protection for the Reactor Institute Delft 

Yokogawa is a Japanese company that produces equipment for the process industry. The Dutch branch of the company has published an article about a security system for the RID that they have developed. 

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Thesis defence

Wednesday, June 2, 10.00 h

Chao Wang

"Towards High Energy Density Anode-less Lithium Metal Batteries 

A Study of Lithium Dendrites Suppression and Elimination"

promotor: Prof.dr.ir. M. Wagemaker, Prof.dr. E.H. Brück


Wednesday, June 23, 17.30 h

Minh Phuong Nguyen 

“Development of high-resolution ex vivo single-photon and position emission tomography” 

promotor: Prof.dr.ir. F.J. Beekman, co-promotor: Dr.ir. M.C. Goorden


Tuesday, July 13, 15.00 h

Yuan Chen

“Image acquisition and attenuation map estimation for multi-pinhole clinical SPECT”

promotor: Prof.dr.ir. F.J. Beekman