RST scientists are responsible or take part in the courses:

Bachelor Technische Natuurkunde (BSc TN):

Course code Title ECTS
TN1201 Thermodynamica 3,00
TN1322 Inleiding Elektriciteit en Magnetisme  
TN1405-P Inleiding Practicum  
TN1603 Propedeutisch Eindproject 4,00
TN1661 Oriƫntatie op Natuurkundeonderzoek 3,00
TN1851 Fysica en Toepassing van Straling 3,00
TN2054 Elektromagnetisme 6,00
TN2070-HT Electromagnetisme (HT)  
TN2081 Fysica van Duurzame Energie 3,00
TN2110-HT Journal Club 4,00
TN2211 Elektronische instrumentatie 6,00
TN2305 Quantum Mechanics for the Minor 4,00
TN2314 Kwantummechanica 2 3,00
TN2321 Klassieke Mechanica 3,00
TN2402 Literature Research in Groups 4,00
TN2412 Kwantummechanica 3 3,00
TN2612 Relativiteitstheorie 3,00
TN2620-HT Honours Class Statistische Fysica 1,00
TN2624 Statistische Fysica 6,00
TN2624-D2 Statistische Fysica - deel 2 3,00
TN2624NB Statistische Fysica 3,00
TN2625 Statistical Physics for the Minor 4,00
TN2785 Fysische Transportverschijnselen 6,00
TN2811 Inleiding Elementaire Deeltjes Fysica 3,00
TN2952-P Research Practicum 5,00
TN2953-P Research Practicum 6,00
TN2983 Bachelor Eindproject TN 12,00

Master Applied Sciences (MSc AP):

Course code Title ECTS
AP3071 G Advanced Electrodynamics 6,00
AP3091 D Elementary Particles 6,00
AP3141 D Environmental Physics 6,00
AP3232 D Medical Imaging Signals and Systems 6,00
AP3311 D Neutrons, X-Rays and Positrons 6,00
AP3323 Computational Techniques NT and RHT 3,00
AP3332 Physics Energy Materials  
AP3341 D Nuclear Reactor Physics 6,00
AP3352 Chemistry of Nuclear Fuel Cycle  
AP3371TU D Radiological Health Physics 6,00
AP3582 Med Physics of Photon and Proton Therapy 6,00
AP3901 Master Thesis 48,00
AP3902CAS Master Thesis Work 36,00
AP3911 Work Placement (Internship) 18,00

Master Chemical Engineering (MSc CE):

Course code Title ECTS
CH3222SET Energy Storage in batteries  
CH3531 Functional Ceramics 3,00
CH3582 Chemistry and Physics of Actinides 3,00
CH3771 Nuclear Chemistry 6,00
CH3782 Chemistry of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle 3,00
CH3792 Introduction to Nuclear Science and Eng. 6,00
CH3901 MSc Thesis Work 40,00
CH3991 Research Project 0,00

Master Sustainable Energy and Technology (MSc SET):

Course code Title ECTS
SET3021 Transport Phenomena 4,00
SET3031 Sust. Hydrogen and Elec. Energy Storage 4,00
SET3676 Thermodynamics of Renew. Energy Syst. 4,00
SET3811 System Integration Project II 9,00
SET3822 Internship MSc SET 15,00
SET3901 Graduation Project 45,00

Bachelor Molecular Science & Technology (BSc MST)

Course code Title ECTS
4051ALACHY Algemene & anorganische chemie (AAC) 6,00
4051LEON1Y Leren onderzoeken 1 (LO1) 6,00
4051PRBVAY Practicum basisvaardigheden (PBV) 6,00
4052TLEONY Leren onderzoeken 2 Technologie (LO2T) 6,00
4413RENESY Renewable Energy Systems 6,00

Bachelor Electrical Engineering (BSc EE)

Course Title ECTS
EE1P11 Klassieke en Kwantummechanica 5,00

Bachelor Klinische Technologie (BSc KT)

Course code Title ECTS
KT2301 Medical Imaging in Pathologies 6,5

Bachelor Technische Wiskunde en Technische Natuurkunde (BSc TWN)

Course code Title ECTS
TWN3002 Bachelorproject TWN 24,00
TWN3002-16 Bachelorproject TWN 24,00

Bachelor Life Sciences & Technology (BSc LST)

Course code Title ECTS
LB2601 Biotechnologische Basistechnieken 2 4,00

Master Mechanical Engineering (MSc ME)

Course code Title ECTS
WB4422-11 Thermische centrales 6,00

Master Technical Medicine (MSc TM)

Course code Title ECTS
TM11003 Radiation Protection