Prof. dr. Freek J. Beekman

Prof. Freek Beekman is head of the section Biomedical Imaging at Delft University of Technology. He (co-)authored  ~160 peer reviewed journal papers, several book chapters and over 20 patent applications. He was presented with several national & international awards for his scientific contributions to biomedical imaging. His research interests include development of detectors, improved image reconstruction algorithms for PET, SPECT, X-ray CT, Optical  & Hybrid  Imaging devices. Freek is a board member of the International Journal of Biomedical Imaging and of Physics in Medicine & Biology. Freek and his team presented in 2013 with the NWO  Physics Valorization Prize, 2 times the Innovation of the Year Award by the World Molecular Imaging Society (in 2015 for G-SPECT, and in 2018  for  a Broadband Tomography generating 3D and 4D images from 1eV up to 1 MeV). In 2017 he was presented the Edward Hoffman Memorial Award. Freek is also part time CEO and founder of MILabs BV ( that develops and markets high performance images systems. Today the systems that are developed by Freek and his teams at TU Delft and MILabs are in use in many premier biomedical research institutions world wide and have resulted in many fruitful collaborations with TU-Delft.

Selected publications  

  • High-resolution clusterd-pinhole 131-I SPECT imaging in mice, F. van der Have, O. Ivaschchenko, M.C. Goorden, R.M. Ramakers, F.J. Beekman, Nucl. Med. & Biol., 2016
  • Utilizing high-energy gamma photons for high-resolution 213-Bi SPECT in mice. J. de Swart, H.S. Chan, M.C. Goorden, A. Morgenstern, F. Bruchertseifer, K.J. Beekamn, M. de Jong, M.W. Konijnenberg, J. Nucl. Med., 2016
  • Ultra-high-sensitive sub-mm mouse SPECT. O. Ivaschchenko, F. van der Have, M.C. Goorden, R.M. Ramakers, F.J. Beekman. Nucl. Med. 2015
  • Bench to bedside development of GMP grade Rhenium-188-HEDP, a radiopharmaceutical for targeted treatment of painful bone metastases. R. ter Heine, R. Lange, O.B. Breukels, H.J. Bloemendal, R.G. Rummenie, A.M. Wakker, H. de Graaf, F.J. Beekman, M. van der Westerlaken, M.M. Malingré, J.P.M. Wielders, L. van den Berge, H Hendrikse, J.M.H. de Klerk, Int. J. Pharmaceutics, 2014
  • U-SPECT-BioFluo: an integrated radionuclide, bioluminescence and fluorescence imaging platform. M.N. van Oosterom, R. Kreuger, T. Buckle, W.A. Mahn, A. Bunschoten, L. Josephson, F.W.B. van Leeuwen, F.J. Beekman, Eur. JNM&MI Research, 2014
  • Modelling the physics in iterative reconstruction for transmission computed tomography. J. Nuyts, B. de Man, J.A. Fessler, W. Zbijewski, F.J. Beekman, Phys. Med. Boil., 2012
  • VECTor: A Pre-clinical Imaging System for Simultaneous Sub-mm SPECT-PET. M C. Goorden, F. van der Have, R. Kreuger, R.M. Ramakers, B. Vastenhouw, J.P.H. Burbach, J. Booij, F. J. Beekman. J.Nucl.Med., 2013 
  • V.R. Bom, L. Joulaeizadeh and F.J. Beekman. Real-time prompt gamma monitoring in spot-scanning proton therapy using imaging through a knife-edge-shaped slit. Phys.Med.Biol., 2012
  • B. F. Hutton, I. Buvat, F. J Beekman, Review and current status of SPECT scatter correction, Phys. Med. Biol, 2011
  • W. Branderhorst, B. Vastenhouw and F.J. Beekman. Pixel-based subsets for rapid multi-pinhole SPECT reconstruction. Phys. Med. Biol., 2010
  • B. Vastenhouw, F. van der Have, A.M van der Linden, L. von Oerthel, J. Booij, J.P.H. Burbach, M. P. Smidt, F.J. Beekman. Movies of dopamine transporter occupancy with ultra-high resolution focusing pinhole SPECT. Mol. Psych, 2007
  • W. Zbijewski and F.J. Beekman, "Efficient Monte Carlo based scatter artifact reduction in cone-beam micro-CT", IEEE Transaction on Medical Imaging, 2006


Secondary employment

CEO/CSO & Founder of MILabs BV te Utrecht

Prof. dr. Freek J. Beekman

Full Professor