Current research on essentials

My design-based research is about the essentials of decision making upon communication in uncertain innovation environments. Through the design of visible, tangible and changeable (morphable) decision making tools, which can be physical or digital, I research how stakeholders perceive their collaborative communication behaviour in their network, and their abilities to refresh their interaction with others in the network in order to improve their future collaborative innovation process. Within the design-based research method I continuously develop, I investigate the way we could make complexity, ambiguity, awkwardness as qualities of collaboration. This deals with braiding the quadruple helix of science, society, industry and government, with sense making and the social-systems development of communities of practice.

In order to get an understanding of the rhythm, melody and harmony of the various innovation processes I research this dynamic process of interaction through the social design of artefacts/probes that unveil the challenges, tensions, the boundaries, that people like to talk or think about or interact upon. Decisions in which uncertainty, ambiguity, incompleteness, fears and ambitions become explicit. This research takes place through the design of prototype processes and tools. This leads to insights in theory, practice and methods used.

  • Decision making tools
    • Visible
      • Physical
        • Form language, Anne Kamp
        • Wicked puzzle, Nina van Wijk
      • Digital
        • SmartSupport, Tim Bruyn
        • Simulation decision behaviour, Nourian Peters
    • Tangible
      • Haptic language, Jolien Sillekens
  • Qualities of collaboration
    • Complexity
    • Ambiguity
    • Awkwardness
      • Silence, Nick Verouden
  • Braiding the quadruple helix
    • Expo Mondo, Marthe van Gils
    • Decision making, Cees Oerlemans
  • Sensemaking, Albert Gast
  • Social-systems development, Ferdoos Esrail
Form Language
Form Language
Form Language
Insights in theory, practice and methods used
Probe to enable silence in conversations
Collaborative communication behaviour in network
Collaborative communication behaviour in network
Rhythm various innovation processes
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