Science Communication Research

Research on Science Communication at SEC Delft is organized around various themes and is carried out in collaboration with various partners. Please click the items below to learn more about the following research projects and themes.


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Communication within innovation networks

PhD-project of drs. Nick Verouden.

This research project by Nick concerns the role of ‘silences’ as strategic communication in multidisciplinary collaborations. The Delft University’s Research Initiatives form research case studies within this project.

Professionalization of communication professionals

PhD-project of drs. Caroline Wehrmann.

This research project concerns the development of a communication benchmark for communication professionals. 

Support instruments for decision making in the development and marketing of high-tech products

Research project of dr. Maarten van der Sanden.

Maarten’s research projects concern the development of tools that support communication and technology professionals in decision making regarding technology marketing. This research project concerns the development of a decision support tool in technology development. The tool provides insight for technological project team members on project performance in terms of Key Performance Indicators.

Collaborative engagement for socially responsible innovation

Research project of dr. Ir. Steven Flipse.

Steven’s research focuses on establishing collaborations between researchers from the social and natural sciences, allowing successful and socially responsible innovation research and development. In this research, innovation project performance is linked to socially responsible innovation methods within professional research and development environments. This makes responsible innovation tangible in professional innovation contexts and allows the the monitoring of innovation quality development in time through responsible practices.

Design based research methodology

Embedded in the Delft University Design tradition SEC uses and further develops Design-Based Research (DBR) as a research methodology. The main character is the use of prototypes (science educational and communicational services, processes and products) that immediately form an intervention in practice and reflects on theory.

Research project GGD Amsterdam

This research project, in collaboration with the GGD Amsterdam involved an eludication of the role of communication and communication related obstacles in the effective positioning of VETC’ers (allochtone zorgconsulent of Voorlichter in Eigen Taal en Cultuur).

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