Scholarships Faculteit TNW

Each year the Faculty of Applied Sciences offers a limited number of scholarships to international (non-Dutch) students with exceptional promise and outstanding academic achievement who have been accepted for admission.

The Faculty of Applied Sciences also offers a full scholarship through the Fulbright programme for an excellent American applicant. More information: Scholarships (Applied Sciences).

Additionally the Faculty works in partnership with the Netherlands Education Support Offices (NESO) of Brazil, China, Mexico and Russia to offer scholarships to outstanding students from Brazil, China, Mexico and Russia. More information: Scholarships (Applied Sciences).


All international (non-Dutch) students accepted to an MSc programme of the Faculty of Applied Sciences will automatically be considered for a Faculty Scholarship. These programmes are:

  • Applied Physics
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Life Science & Technology (Department of Biotechnology)
  • Nanobiology
  • Science Education and Communication

There is no separate application for this scholarship. The faculty will contact scholarship candidates and recipients directly.

The scholarships will be awarded on academic merit and on the basis of information provided in the MSc programme application. Selection is made by the Faculty of Applied Sciences Scholarship Selection Committee.

Faculty of Applied Sciences Scholarships are only available to candidates commencing new courses. Continuing students are not eligible to apply.

Terms and Conditions

  • Students awarded a Faculty of Applied Sciences Scholarship must meet the conditions of their offer of admission from TU Delft and firmly accept the offer to be eligible for the receipt of this scholarship.
  • A Faculty of Applied Sciences scholarship cannot be combined with any other full or partial scholarship or grant.  If awarded another scholarship covering tuition fees and/or living expenses, the student must contact the Faculty of Applied Sciences immediately with the details of the award.

Additional resources for scholarships and funding opportunities

Information on additional scholarships available for MSc students can be found on the Scholarship page of the TU Delft MSc website.

For a comprehensive search on external scholarship possibilities, please check: