Pricelist 2023

Standard protocols

Protocol 1 - F, Se
Protocol 2 - Al, Ba, Ca, Cl, Cu, Dy, Ga, K, I, In, Mg, Mn, Na, Pd, Rh, Ru, Si, Ti, V
Protocol 3 - As, Au, Ba, Br, Ca, Cd, Ce, Cr, Fe, Ga, Ho, K, La, Mo, Na, Pt, Re, Ru, Sb, Sc, Sm, Sn, U, W, Yb, Zn
Protocol 4 - Ag, Ba, Ca, Ce, Cr, Co, Cs, Eu, Fe, Hf, Lu, Nd, Ni, Rb, Ru, Sb, Sc, Se, Sn, Sr, Ta, Tb, Th, Yb, Zn, Zr

Protocols 1 and 2 are not available from July 1, 2022 through November 30, 2022 due to reactor refurbishment.

Oversized sample protocol - Ba, Ca, Cl, Dy, Ga, K, I, In, Mn, Na, Si. This protocol applies to tablets and pills that are to be analyzed in their entirety, but do not fit in our capsules of (8 mm dia, 14 mm height),

Polymer protocol - As, Ba, Br, Cd, Co, Cr, Mo, Ni, Sb, Se, Zn

Special request - Er, Gd, Ge, Hg, Ir, Nb, Os, Pr, Te, Tm, and Y. These elements can be determined by INAA, most of them still need to be calibrated at this time. Without calibration, only non-traceable estimates based on theory can be determined. Hg is a special case - depending on the sample matrix and the Hg compounds to be expected, it may be necessary to take additional analysis steps.

Minimum turn-around times

The turn-around times below are applicable only if the reactor is up. The reactor schedule for this year is available here. Also, we need to know about your analyses well ahead of time so that we can schedule them. Otherwise, we typically operate on a first come - first serve basis.

Protocol 1 -  3 working days
Protocol 2 -  3 working days
Protocol 3 -  7 working days
Protocol 4 - 20 working days

Oversized sample protocol - 4 working days

Polymer protocol - 10 working days

Combination of protocols 2, 3 and 4 - 25 working days


After the analysis has been completed, you will receive a report on paper in accordance with the ISO17025:2018 requirements. Additionally, if you wish, we can report the data to you in an Excel and/or .pdf file that we can encrypt before emailing it to you.


Protocol 1 - EUR 130.00
Protocol 2 - EUR 130.00
Protocol 3 - EUR 140.00
Protocol 4 - EUR 140.00
Oversized sample protocol - EUR 250
Polymer protocol: EUR 140.00

Combination of 2 protocols: EUR 260
Combination of protocols 2, 3 and 4: EUR 350

Special request elements: Please ask.

All prices above are per sample and ex VAT.

Overhead fee and extra charges

A startup fee of EUR 525 is added per batch of up to 13 samples. So the analysis of one sample is relatively expensive, and the minimum analysis price per sample is achieved when a multiple of 13 samples is to be analyzed. The 14th sample incurs another overhead fee, because it necessitates analysis of another blank and reference material. Larger numbers of samples always leave room for finetuning of the price.

In addition, we charge EUR 60 for signed, formal quotes on letterhead paper, and EUR 300 for mutually signed contracts (these involve multi-step procedures in the legal department at our end, that’s why).

Freeze drying, per sample EUR 27.50
Sample size reduction, per sample EUR 27.50
Rush analyses, reporting time in mutual agreement double price


Only 1-3 elements to be determined with a single protocol: EUR 20.00

Samples delivered cleaned and weighted (only applicable when more than 13 samples are to be analyzed, procedures must be according to instruction from our laboratory) per sample EUR 20.00
For larger numbers of samples, ask us for a quotation.


Concentrations are being reported in mg/kg. Other units like mmol/g or mg/l are possible.

The "General conditions for the carrying out of assignments by the Delft University of Technology" are applicable with exclusion of intellectual property restrictions (The IP is the customer's property).

All samples are discarded 3 months after reporting.

Required sample dimensions, homogeneity and shipping information

For analysis, we package sample materials in cylindrical capsules of up to 8 mm diameter and 14 mm height. Whatever sample fits in there, we can analyze if we can irradiate the material safely. For powders, this implies maximum sample masses of about 200 mg. The exception is the "oversized sample protocol", where we can handle cm-sized samples.

If a larger quantity of material is sent to us for analysis, we take a subsample assuming that the material is homogeneous. We have to state that such a single subsample may not be representative for the whole. If the sample material is suspected to be inhomogeneous, the analysis of several subsamples is an option.

Samples for analysis can be mailed to

Mehmet Sarilar 
Laboratory for INAA
Reactor Institute Delft
Mekelweg 15
2629 JB Delft
The Netherlands

We send a confirmation immediately upon receipt of the samples, so if you don't hear from us within a day or two after the expected arrival of the samples at our address, please contact us.

Phone or e-mail us for further information!

If you have any questions about our technique or the feasibility of your analyses, please phone us at +31 15 2784228, or send e-mail to M. Sarilar.