Radiation Protection Expert

The Radiation Protection Expert course (former level 3), in Dutch Coƶrdinerend Deskundige is offered in English as MSc course Radiological Health Physics (AP3371) during the second semester at TU Delft Stralingsonderwijs at the Reactor Institute Delft. This course is a part of the Applied Physics master track Nuclear Technology. TU Delft students and PhD's can enroll for this subject through Brightspace if they have the required education and a Net-ID. The regular Radiation Protection Expert course is only offered in Dutch.
Radiological Health Physics/AP3371 dates: January-May.

Other non-Dutch speakers interested in taking the Radiation Protection Expert course can participate in this course as well. It is important to realize that the course is on post-academic level and that the expected educational level is a scientific or technical bachelor degree. Since this is a TU Delft MSc course, students and PhD's will be admitted before external participants.

For information or enrollment, please contact Monique Boon.

Unexpected cancellation

If, after registration, the participant or his/her employer decides to cancel the course, a cancellation fee will be charged. Up to three weeks before the start of the course, these cancellation costs are 10% of the total amount. From three weeks to the day of the course, the cancellation fee is 50% of the total amount.