Radiation Protection Officer Dispersible Radioactive Materials D

Basic training for working with open sources | Practical training with solid theory | Varied program

The training Radiation Protection Officer Dispersible Radioactive Substances D focuses on radiation experts who play an important role with respect to working safely with open radioactive sources in a D-laboratory (less than 0,2 Reinh). The following topics and more are covered in this training:

  • Properties radioactive substances
  • Practical rules of thumb
  • Relevant law and legislation
  • Biological effects
  • Measures to prevent internal contamination

Target audience
RID employees primarily (other candidates after consultation).

Participants will receive an invitation for the online Learning Management System Moodle to help prepare and study for the course.

Course dates 2023

September 28, October 4, 10
November 3, 7, 11
December 13, 14, 19

Location Delft
Min. number of students 4 persons
Study load duration of training: 2 days | self-study: 2 days
Language English
Online Learning System Moodle
Exam yes, exam duration: 100 minutes
Diploma yes, legally recognized diploma
Costs in 2023 € 945,- (for external participants)
Other this English training is primarily for RID employees. For a broader audience, this training is offered in Dutch.

Unexpected cancellation

If, after registration, the participant or his/her employer decides to cancel the course, a cancellation fee will be charged. Up to three weeks before the start of the course, these cancellation costs are 10% of the total amount. From three weeks to the day of the course, the cancellation fee is 50% of the total amount.