CleanTech Business Study

What is it about?

Sustainable development is a hot topic and receives a lot of interest. However, to bring sustainable technologies into practice for commercialization is a challenge. The technology may work and do good but is it also attractive to run a business on? In this course you will be trained by academics and professionals about the fundamentals of the business model and investigate how your idea can contribute to a sustainable future. 

To whom is it addressed?

The course aims to help students to further develop their an idea for a sustainable product or service

How does it connect?

The course can be taken as part of the Annotation Entrepreneurship or as an elective. Based on the course you can follow additional lectures with the Dutch CleanTech Challenge and it gives you the possibility to participating and win the international CleanTech Challenge with a £10,000 prize organised by the London Business School and University College London.

What is the outcome?

The course provides entrepreneurial students the chance to work out their innovative ideas from a concept stage to a final business plan, with the help of professionals throughout the process.