Digital Society

Digital transformations are increasingly taking place in various industries and has major impact on how business is run in companies and on society at large. For EIT Digital, the TU Delft provides the master programme ICT Innovation. This master program is organised by the EIT Digital Master School in cooperation with Delft University of Technology and 20 other European Universities. 

The courses of the program are open to all students interested in digital transformations and business development. The focus is on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E), which prepares you for a career in business development within existing companies or to start your own entrepreneurial career by creating a start-up. 

The program for Digital Society offers a comprehensive program based on the following courses:

  • MoT9610 Entrepreneurship Basic course; providing concepts of entrepreneurship
  • MoT9612 Business Development Lab; develop a business plan on a health-related opportunity
  • TPM006    Innovation & Entrepreneurship Study; investigate a real-life case of digital transformation within an existing company
  • MoT9611 Project Entrepreneurship Thesis Related; develop a business/market plan related to thesis topic

You can take theses course individually or when you pass all course you will receive a certificate: Entrepreneurial Annotation

More information in the study guide or the brochure.

Student experiences

TU Delft Student Robert Carosi has founded the start-up Phishermen to simulate phishing and train employees how to recognize such attacks. Click here to read his story.


Hanieh Khodaei

Victor Scholten