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The changing demographics of societies with aging populations and changes in people's lifestyle increase the number of people having chronic diseases, diabetes or obesities. People will put more pressure on the costs of our health systems when more expensive technology is implemented to better the well-being of people. Some argue that a gap will rise between the people that can afford new health care technologies and those who can't. Therefore, it is important that new health care technologies are not only reducing costs but also includes the wider society. New technologies such as robotics, online health systems, remote surgery and even methods for active aging can reduce the social care costs. They however require a different mind-set which questions the way we design and provide medical systems today. Entrepreneurship and innovation are key to explore the opportunities of new technology and how it can benefit our societies to democratize our health care systems.

The Health Entrepreneurship and Innovation program starts with breaking the dominant logic of providing health care solutions. The program offers a comprehensive program based on the following courses:

In these courses you will be motivated to explore the opportunities for business in Health. You will explore the needs among patients and health care professionals and identify how technology can provide solutions through viable business plans for implementation.
You can follow the program as part of your electives or as an additional program to your master.

Our Challenges

Health Entrepreneurship and Innovation seeks to address:

  • Promote healthy living, by increasing awareness of good habits, active aging and by addressing how technology can do the job for us to live healthier.
  • Explore the trends in patient treatment, and the opportunities of implementing new technologies and methods to empower patients and help all of us live longer.
  • Learn the tools and methodologies to analyse health care markets upon their needs, identify how technology can address the needs and solve problems and articulate these entrepreneurial opportunities into viable business models with validated business plans.

Outcomes achieved

  • Awareness and understanding of how technology is brought into the health care market
  • New health technologies that are analysed upon their market implementation
  • Engaged students with start-up intentions

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