The TPM AI Lab was founded by the TPM Faculty of Delft University of Technology. The TPM AI Lab aims to:

Build an AI community: Foster a network of researchers within the TPM community and beyond
Showcase AI research: Create visibility of all the wonderful research that is happening within TPM to the outside world
Strengthen AI education: Support and facilitate current education within TPM as well as building new programs for new students with an interest in AI
Develop AI partnerships: Establish public-private partnerships that contribute to the mission of the Lab

"The mission of the TPM AI-lab is to create a cohesive community of researchers within the TPM Faculty and to create visibility of the research happening at TPM to the outside world."

A multi-disciplinary approach is needed to address the variety of issues, technical, humanities, policy and social sciences. Here at TPM we have a unique focus on “comprehensive engineering” that brings together these various perspectives.