It's all about education!

What is the Teaching Academy?

The Teaching Academy is the community of lecturers and educational support staff of TU Delft.

The Teaching Academy aims to strengthen a culture, in which it is natural for lecturers and educational support staff to collaboratively improve education, build on lessons-learned and share ideas. The goal of the Teaching Academy is to unite, encourage, stimulate, facilitate and give exposure to lecturers and educational developments.

  At Teaching Academy, you can find:

  • fellow lecturers to share ideas and lessons learned, to collaborate and to initiate educational innovation;
  • support for your educational questions and ideas;
  • educational activities supporting your continuous development;
  • space to try-out new educational strategies; and
  • collaboration opportunities with external partners in educational research and development.

What is the Teaching Lab Facilitation team?

The Teaching Lab Facilitation Team (TLFT) facilitates knowledge exchange and community building by organizing events and setting up projects to accelerate initiatives and strengthen collaboration throughout the TU Delft teaching community. The TLFT is settled in the Teaching Lab, the physical home of the Teaching Academy. The Teaching Lab is where it all happens. A space, in which you, as a lecturer, can experiment with new forms of education and tools together with your peer lecturers and students from all faculties.

Who will you meet if you come to the Teaching Lab?

Gytha Rijnbeek Programme Manager Teaching Academy, Team Lead Teaching Lab
Orsi TothProject Lead Teaching Lab
Ted AdrichemTrainee Project Lead Teaching Lab
Sylvie van BleiswijkCommunication Teaching Lab
Marcella BaaijHost & Secretary Teaching Lab

What is the Teaching and Learning Services?

The department of Teaching and Learning Services (TLS) aims to be a partner for educational change and the development of teaching skills by offering effective, efficient, and accessible services, with state-of-the-art knowledge and understanding of education, innovation, and learning technology.

The team is a merger of the teams of OC Focus, Extension School support team, E-learning Support and Brightspace Support.

For questions or requests contact Teaching and Learning Services by sending an email to: